Description of the toy from childhood / opis zabawki z dzieciństwa.

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I fell in love with my mascot when I was a child.
It is big teddy bear which name is Makrokeszek.
I got it for the fifth birthday from my parents.
It was packed into yellow paper with the pink ribbon.
When I saw it I was very happy.
I think that it is wonderful and beautifully he looks.
It is brown coloured, has big black eyes made from buttons.
It is dressed into blue sweater, which has on embroidered one's name.
It have pug nose, it is smiling, it have fur in an ears.
It is very pleasant to the touch, it has often served me as a pillow.
I started growing up, but little bear still accompanied me.
It went with me on holidays.
One day I drew it and I hanged this masterpiece above the bed.
Now I often cuddle up to it, when I am feeling sad,...

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